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Flair and Tiara metallic are used together to create Frosty Rays. With the metallic inside of the tube of Flair it gives Frosty Rays a softer more muted effect along with a thread that has more body. Also because of the metallic it is not as shear as Flair. Works best on larger mesh canvas.

Frosty Rays (Y002-Y223)

$3.25 Regular Price
$2.44Sale Price
  • Distributor: Rainbow Gallery
    Material: 50% Nylon, 32% Viscose, 18% Polyester
    Length: 5 yards 
    Care: Hand wash (test first)
    Made in USA

    Needlepoint 10 to 14 Count
    Long Stitch 12 to 18 Count
    Cross Stitch with Half Crosses

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