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Your turn for show and tell

Janna and I miss seeing all the projects at the big table. Students would inspire one another with whatever they were working on. Whether that piece was brand new or five years in the making, it was always fun to see how it was going. Sometimes you would see a stitch or color combo that you had not used before. Sometimes you needed to know that other people have a stash that waits on the sidelines while shiny new things received all the attention. Always we would cheer one another along, even if it included some gentle ribbing about how long it takes before something can be called an heirloom. Today I found a way to catch up with what all of you are doing, a site Group called Works in Progress. I hope you will join it and add photos of what you have on the needles or stretcher bars. Or in a bag waiting for some love. You can easily join by clicking on Groups on the front page of the site. Follow the instructions, It will take just a minute or two to be part of the gang. Then, show us what your are working on! Add as much or little information as you like. I look forward to seeing your Works in Progress! By the way, our friend Angela allowed me to share this pic of the beautiful Mindy piece she is working on.


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