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Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Hello All,

We have been hunkering down since the new year - no shoppers, but lots of adding the inventory to the site. And I am beginning to see yarn and yarn details in my dreams, when I blink, in the passenger seat. Ee gads! The upside of this is that you now have access to many more yarns than before the holidays. Even better, we are planning a sale that will begin on Monday. The sale will be limited to stock on hand, and for at least the next week, so through January 25, we will offer shipping, curbside pickup, limited local delivery, but no in person shopping. We may have something you cannot find on the site, so beginning next Monday you can call or email with questions, and I will be happy to go on the hunt for you! Check in for details Monday morning, it will be a great sale!

Keeping customers away goes against everything we have done all these years, so we do not take the isolation lightly. As soon as possible we will offer shopping by appointment, small classes, trunk shows, as much as we can do to feel normal. It isn't just the virus that will keep things at a small scale, it is our new situation. We are in Janna's home now, so we have to watch how much traffic we add to the neighborhood.

I guess that is all for now. I really needed a break from typing yardage and gauge, so thanks for the time!


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