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Why we stitch

Janna's trees are up, each laden with ornaments that Janna has stitched over the years. The variety of designs reflects the decades Janna's Needle Art being in business. These are a few of the Kelly Clark pears that are such fun to stitch, each chart filled with sections that make for perfect little work goals. My smaller assortment, fewer years invested so far, hangs on my white, bare branch tree that I put up in my little sewing/painting/knitting cottage, far from naughty cats. I love the soft lights and the small movements of the bird ornaments. Good company while I finish up work for the year and transition to my own projects. My hands are ready for a rest, so our week off may be more about reading than knitting and stitching. Our customers have lovely traditions, including making one ornament per kid per year, and filling small trees with particular themes. We have lots of ornament canvases on the site, on sale, including these pears. Add to or begin your collection, and then it bck and enjoy the sight.


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