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Waxing/Waning Crescent

I spotted the toenail moon (not the official name of the phase) last night and it made me think of this Birds of a Feather piece. The moon is not correct for tonight's moon - waxing, waning, blah, blah, blah, but I just noticed that the owls are the only birds awake on that tree. In my trees the little western screech owl is not the only one awake, there is a lonely hearts club member male mockingbird doing his best to lure a mate. I suspect that he is just annoying the daylights out of all the single ladies, thus the never ending songs. He is beginning to grate on my married nerves! I suppose I could make good use of the time awake stitching the never ending background on a current project, that would certainly put me back to sleep!

Not exactly a thought provoking blog, just a sleepy me. Here's to more energy tomorrow!

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