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Vacation , part 2

Off once again to house sit for friends in San Francisco, such a chore, but it does mean I will not be here this afternoon through June 23. As for last time, I will ship orders the day I return, so choose ground shipping and I will send them out Priority Mail, a little thank you for your patience. I wish I could offer free shipping, but we are running pretty tight these days. Classes will continue as usual so that Janna has company, but no shopping or assistance appointments will be available.

Thank you for being one of our lovely customers, for your patience, for your understanding. I need the break, and what better break than a free stay in San Francisco? Beach walking may or may not happen next week, but I thought these nifty Shelly Tribbey Flip Flops pieces were perfect for this post. The canvases arrive with the materials needed to assemble them into ornaments, perfect summer break project!


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