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The Cure for the Short Attention Span

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Janna made up a new version of her Feather and Fan throw. This one has eight different yarns to satisfy the color and texture lovers, and rows of garter stitch to break up the Feather and Fan stitch. The kits are on the site now, $135.00 each, and on sale through March 31. I will be packing new combinations as we go along, this happens to be the best part of my job. When the inventory is finally on the site we will be able to dedicate more time to new models, advice (knitting and stitching) columns, etc. That time is coming soon, and to be honest, I am antsy to move on to the next phase. As I type this I remember that the tons of buttons are still waiting to be photographed. Oh well, one step at a time. Back to the light box!

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