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Super Hat, and something for the stitchers

Looking for quick results, easy knitting, all in one pom and hat, hat? We have just the thing! I made this from cast on to sewing in under two hours. #11 needles, and the pom is part of the knitting, so it will stay put, not shred, and you can knock one or two our in a sitting. I used Cincilla, and the last of that lavender, but pictured here are others that will work. You need about 60 yards, so one each of these, two of Cincilla. I made a second one in Murano, and the extra yardage made for perfect stuffing in the pom! If you buy the yarn for a hat, I'll pop the pattern in for free. I will be writing the pattern for other stitch gauges next week.

And for you stitchers, Janna decided to put the in-stock, full size Christmas stocking canvases on sale at 50% off in October, so I went ahead and started the sale early.

This was all more email-y than blog-y, end of the week brain.


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