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Need an accesory that helps extend the life of a turtleneck sweater? Need a last minute gift? Do you have a few fun yarns around, maybe some silk flowers? Knit up a cowl in a jiffy. You do not need a pattern, juat a little time and math. This one is 9"x24", and the gauge is 2 stitches per inch, 9x2 =18, so 18 stitches did the trick! Only 18! The 24" sounds like it would be tight, but I just catch it at the top of the two short ends, and then it drapes over my sholders, and can be worn in different ways. You can make it as long or short as you like. Garter stitch, and stripes, or whatever you want, and a row of single crochet along one edge done loosely for a ruffle. The big button on the public side is backed with a smailler button that slips through the knitting, good technique for adding a knitted flower to a hat, a closure to a shawl. As for the Betsey Johnson details, I have been experimenting with silk flowers. They have been easy to wash, no color transfer, Easy Peasy, just play!


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