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Pick a few stitches and a few yarns

I am often asked for scarf and shawl patterns, and there are many out there, but some of my favorites are as simple as two or three basic stitches, and a few yarns that look good in a basket. This is Janna's current shawl project. We put together Cin Cin, which is highly textured, Zara Kid for comfort, and Louisa Harding's beaded silk, all in Janna Blue. Make your combo to suit your taste, and plan on needing about 2,000 yards. There are a few technical considerations, such as arriving at the width you want. She was aiming for 16", and is knitting at approx. 5 stitches per inch, so she multiplied the gauge by the width and cast on 80 stitches. Stockinette stitch can be problematic at the edges because it rolls, but when you alternate it with garter stitch or other non-rolling stitches, it is not so much a problem. The open looking rows are super easy - just wrap the needle twice each time on one row, and drop the extra loops on the return row. Throw in any stitches you like, throw out the idea of perfect repetition, and just play. Go monochrome, polychrome, any thing you like!

Happy knitting,


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