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Our favorite Valentine

One more post today. Janna is wearing her lovely Chris Bylsma sweater that she knitted up in red, so how could I not take and share this photograph? Janna has begun knitting again, having taken a break due to vision loss. It was pointed put to her that she never really looked while she knit anyway, and now the needles are going once again, by feel.

Have you tried to knit without looking? I taught myself to do this years ago so that I could read while producing a new sweater. No sense wasting time doing either! Give it a try with good sized yarn and needles, beginning with garter stitch. Add stockinette, then K2 P2 ribbing, you may be surprised at how quickly your fingertips become sensitive to the stitches, splits, dropped stitches, etc. An additional benefit is that your neck can relax a bit it you are not so focused on the needles.

Happy knitting!


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