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One of those mornings

Some mornings I just need to lose myself in the yarn studio. This was one of those mornings. I looked up Trendsetter patterns for their wonderful yarns Fleur and Cin Cin, and then headed out to play. Give yourself a treat and throw together a few yarns you like, and make a simple scarf or shawl. Seed or Moss stitch is wonderful for showcasing the yarn, and you will not need to trim it, as it doesn't roll, Work with an odd number of stitches, so that you always start and end with a knit, use a needle a little on the large side for a nice drape. Deciding on how many to cast on is pretty easy - multiply the number of stitches per inch by the width. For example, if you are knitting at 4 stitches per inch, and want an 8 inch wide scarf, cast on 33 ( I added 1 to make it an odd number). A rectangular shawl is fine at 16" x 72",, or until you run out of yarn. Blah, blah, blog...try a little yarn therapy, it helps, and it is on sale through the end of March. Email from here, or call at 559-227-6333 if you want some help putting yarns together, it happens to be the best part of the job.

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