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Updated: Mar 23, 2021

As we have sort of closed the doors for a few weeks, taking cover from Covid, I have spent the time loading more inventory on the site. I think it is about 45 this week! What occurs is how differently you see the yarns now. Not just the lack of in-person/holding up to your cheek to check for softness, but that you do not see it on our big color filled walls, or in the front corner display that always featured the newest yarns. I don't get to show you the yarns in one hand with the new books in the other. Oh well, everything changes. We appreciate that you are willing to scroll through the yarns and all the colorways, and when we are back to being open for by appointment shopping, those of you in close range will be able to see the little studio we have built. Once all the yarn is up I will add the books and buttons. The buttons! I love all the buttons! Okay, back to your knitting, I have to clock out for the day.


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