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Making Do and Boomer Selfies

I am fairly certain that this is a re-run topic, but a good chilly morning calls for a good infinity cowl, so mid season re- run it is. This garter stitch cowl was knit with one skein, 195 yards, of Katia's Azteca. We do not have any Azteca in stock, but a skein of Amiltola Grande or Noro's Shinryoku will do the trick. The silly part for me is the lobster claw closure that was on my dresser, so I grabbed it rather than look for a cotter pin to add the button. Making do. And when I saw the pics I could imagine my niece laughing at me, grabbing the camera, and doing a much better job, and muttering "okay Boomer". Still faster than a stone tablet and Twin Pics!

The knitting details - approximately 16"x60", 4 stitches per inch, number 10 needle. 48 stitches, knit to 55"-60" (I'm sure mine has stretched over the years). To make up just twist once, bring the ends together, sew 1/2 a seam. That's it!

I hope you have a great weekend, knitting, stitching, whatever you do.


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