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Lots to unpack here

We are thrilled to have a box of beautiful hand painted needlepoint designs to show and sell for a few weeks. The customer pictured, face obscured for her protection, was so excited that she faked a knitting mistake to distract me while she flipped through them. She is taking these two, but left them behind so others can see them to order if they like. I will be putting each canvas up on the site, but if you are in the area, please consider making an appointment to see them in person. Check out the entire line, and order through us,

The other excitement is that Janna is calling for a big yarn sale, so beginning Wednesday we are offering 40% off most of the in-stock knitting yarns. The sale will run through the end of June. We have new yarns due in August, so we need room. I will add all those buttons to the sale, just for fun.

Okay, off I go. Hoping to see or talk to you soon!


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