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The mouse and I are battling it out this morning, so this is the pic arrangement I am surrendering to. I also lost the battle to create a link to the trunk show site. Darn it. Anyway, hello! The Kathy Schenkel trunk show is in the shop and on the site, if you go to her site and find things you would like to purchase at a 20% discount, let me know by the end of May. And I know that the Knitting Kit sale was supposed to end April 30, but I would just as soon extend the sale through this month. Sheesh, spring fever is strong with me this morning, at the least the side effects of antihistamines are. I hope you are enjoying perusing our website version of the shop. As you can see, I am always happy to make others feel more tech savvy than me, so savor those moments of knowing you could have lined up the pics and created a link! I am willing to learn, if slow, but I can fix dropped stitches lickety split. There, that is the key I was looking for, Balance! Happy knitting and stitching! N.

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