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It takes a lifetime

Fresno was home to a doyenne of hand knitting, Mary Walker Phillips. An exhibit of her work, her large lace panels, graced the Fresno Art Museum years ago. I bring her up because of the answer she would give to the question "how long did that take?". "A life time", was her answer. A lifetime of building skills, patience, dedication, passion for her art. Our shop is now in Janna's home. One sees a lifetime of skill, passion, patience, and dedication in every room, down the hall, on nearly every chair. So, whether you are the one in the family who knits and stitches, or the one who is the fortunate recipient of those hours, those thousands of stitches, I hope you see the value. A lifetime of love and all the rest goes into each cushion, ornament, hat, sweater.


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