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I can hear my mother say...

'this is why we can't have nice things'. The hacker wormed into our Finished Projects and Works in Progress Groups. So, I just deleted them. Grrrr.

Moving on, our favorite sales rep, Betsy, from Berroco, popped in last Saturday. She left us with a packet of treasures, yarn samples and previews of new patterns. We fell in love with the all llama yarn, Talara, and Misitico, a mostly cotton and alpaca blend that looks for the world like mohair. There are others as well, but I'll stop with our top two favorites. It turns out they are offering trunk shows, so we added our name to the list. Betsy also reminded us that Berroco will drop ship any order size to customers, and then bill us. This is the wonderful program they introduced during Covid shut downs, in an effort to support the local yarn stores. It works really well. Just let us know what you would like to order, and give us your shipping address. we will bill you when they bill us. It is a tough time for us to order bags of yarn on spec, so we really appreciate that we can offer Berroco products to you this way.

Okay, off to the weekend. Oh! I finally sat down and added the scroll frame components to the site.


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