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Hanging out with Lillian

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Every October we unpack the witches and place them all over the shop. Most of them have smiles, and in spite of green complexions, add cheer to our days. I have Lillian propped up across from my work table, and it seems like she is feeling about as perplexed and blue about the news of the world as we all are. So, not being one to sit and stew, cauldron on hand or not, I went in search of something nice for her to sit with. Cashsilk it is. I even made up a kit. She, unfortunately has no funds for it in spite of the discount, so I put it on the site. Perhaps it will bring cheer as well as some softness to someone else. Look for the Lillian Knit kit. Help Lillian feel a little better. We may not be able to heal the larger world, but we can make our own little worlds peaceful places.


edited 10/12, the kit sold this morning

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