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Welcome to Janna’s Needle Art!

We have been in business for 34 years, and like many, have recently adapted our shop’s operations due to the changing times. Janna’s Needle Art has moved from a brick-and-mortar store in Fresno, to Janna’s personal home in Clovis––but don’t worry; you can still shop our vast collection of knitting and needlepoint supplies or receive project assistance by simply making an appointment.

In addition to adopting a more personal shopping and class experience, we have also opened an online store! We are working hard to add Janna’s Needle Art’s full inventory to the site, so you can expect to find more and more to shop each time you visit.

If there is an item you need and do not see here, please let us know. We may have it on hand, but not yet have it online, or we can find it for you! In-store shopping is available Monday-Thursday from 9AM-4PM by appointment only (masks required), and shipping schedules are currently being set up.

On behalf of the entire Janna’s Needle Art team, we thank you for your patience as we continue to transition.

To book an appointment, please call (559) 227-6333 during business hours.

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