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Better than a warehouse

I have worked for Sears, Designer Fabrics, Home Base, Jo Ann Fabrics, and this is by far the best walk to the stockroom. Well, this is the best job overall, even as it evolves from a big brick and mortar shop to being in Janna's home, (fully permitted), with tiny classes, the website, and shopping by appointment. Going with the flow all these years has led us to lovely relationships with customers, many cups of tea, and now, little daily picnics between noon and one.

A customer who was in for help with dropped stitches told me I am not allowed to die. I told her we will have to hang out in purgatory, taking the stitches and rows out, reknitting, taking out, trying again. So, I suppose a tip for today would be to learn how to fix mistakes in your knitting, We may miss each other in purgatory!

.Happy weekend!


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