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Bees and Cicadas and Bricks

We have ordered at least ten of this design, Napoleon Bees brick cover from Whimsy and Grace, in at least three colorways. This one belongs to our friend Jan and she decided it is cicadas, not bees. We are happy to let you call them as you see them.

Most everyone is working them in Pepper Pot silk and Kreinik Braid 16 - no plying! Another beautiful background fiber is

Bella Lusso, fine merino wool. Should you need a bee or cicada brick cover (or book end) have a look at and let me know what to order. Unlike cicadas, you will not have to wait 17 years for the canvas to arrive! By the way, the bees are featured on other pieces, and the brick covers are available in non-bee designs. We have loved this line for years, ornaments, scissor cases, pillows, and brick covers. Have a look!

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