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because autumn is coming

I so miss the days when we had big cases of cold weather yarns arrive in September and I would build these beautiful displays, saturated in colors and textures. We would hold it all back and have big unveiling parties. It was all so gorgeous and fun. I came across this group that is leftover from one of my favorite years, the S. Charles beauties. While there may not be enough to make sweaters from any of the, there is plenty for cuffs, hats, scarves, handbags, trims. Like any good family picture, I did not get the best angle on all of them, but the individual pages have better pics. They are half price until they are gone. Look or Adele, Diva, Cleo, Luna, Margot, Ella, Isadora, Phoebe, Stella, and Ritratto. Bring some autumn into your projects, or just have them in a pretty basket for the season.


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