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Backing your knits

More and more knitters are lining knitted blankets, especially baby blankets. Here are a few tips if you are considering it. Fleece is great because it does not shrink, fade, or fray. Flannel fades, shrinks, frays. Good quality cotton and cotton blends need to be pre-shrunk, and work fine if you want a lighter weight than fleece. I usually attach the fabric only to the back, but the print on this was too cute to leave back there! Block the blanket first, to square up the corners, etc. I usually spread it out on the bed because it is always big enough to measure/cut the fabric, pin, etc. I always cut away the fabric selvedges. Fold nice deep seam allowances, use upholstery thread or another strong thread. Take the time to hand sew when you attach to the knit. Finally, tie it like a quilt, sparingly, to keep the layers together. I love to use beautiful buttons and beads, but never on those intended for babies. Okay, that's it! Happy knitting and lining!


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