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Updated: Mar 23, 2021

When we were a brick and mortar shop I would wait for Janna to go on vacation to hold sales. I called them The Cat's Away Sale. Well these days the Cat is stuck at home, and she cannot even play with the mice, so she wanted to throw a sale of her own. She went large! All in stock merchandise is 25% off now through January 31, 2021. There are still lots of needlepoint canvases waiting to be added to the site, so I am happy to send pics or a video tour of any category you like. Just email me here and we can work it out.

Things are not moving at the pace we hoped, but what is these days? We appreciate that you continue to check in, as new items are added almost daily. The first 16 styles of buttons were added last week, so only 99.5% more of that collection to go!

Once the adding on part is done we will have regular 'help' forums, links to new lines and patterns, etc. At this point I am just glad to have graduated from hammering letters on stone tablets!


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