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A favorite for 8 years, time to make another

When I first knit the Louisa Harding Fortingall top in 2015, this colorway of Amitola Grande did not match my hair. So now it serves as camouflage. Janna and I each knitted one, hers was made in a lovely lavender yarn from Gedifra. It was fast and fun to knit, just enough lace to keep the work interesting. I think my next one will be in that gorgeous Amitola Brushed with the honey, berries, and chocolate tones. Too bad there isn't a colorway that makes me think of celery and carrots. Make yours from 4 skeins of Amitola Grande or Brushed, or for some sparkle, 5 skeins of Scintille. If you order the yarn for this, let me know and I will throw in the pattern.

Happy Knitting!


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