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Vitamin Color for grey days

I am sitting here in a Noro cardigan that is drenched in greens and a little red. I started out in black and white, but after two days of clouds I was ready for color. A big box arrived from Knitting Fever, so there are bags of beautiful colors all over the place. And now I seem to be prattling on with no apparent point. Oh, the sock yarns. Talk about drenched in colors. These are the three new colors of Huasco sock yarn. Superwash wool, super soft, and tons of yardage. I am happy to tuck a free pattern for socks or a cowl with your order. Check out the other new yarns, Scintille from Louisa Harding, and Airspun from Jody Long. I am heading out to make more room, there are still two more yarns on the way.

Happy knitting,


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