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Things to do when it isn't hot yet

We are lucking out in central California with cooler days, although word is that the party is nearly over. So, following a whopper of an inventory typing error for one yarn, I decided to use the nice weather to my advantage by diving into the yarn studio and counting skeins. That building has an air conditioner, but fresh air is so much better for this job. Besides, the occasional mourning dove or humming bird peeks in the door. I love taking it all out, counting it , and putting it all away. It looks a little more loved.

Straightening shelves is in my blood, having worked in retail since I was 15. Populating and running a website is new to these veins, so I did come up with a few small discrepancies, added a few photos that were missing, even two Noro yarns that were not on the site at all. We are nearly three years in to this new version of the shop. This is a slower pace, fewer hours, and no big exciting seasonal buys. But we are humming along, finding new customers all over the country, still picking up dropped stitches, and sending needlepoint out for finishing. Best of all, Janna has something to look forward to every day. She dresses as sharply as ever. At the moment she is sitting in the shade of her patio, waiting for the Tuesday morning knit group to arrive. She has spent more time in her garden and on the patio her husband built than she was able to all those years the brick and mortar shop was open.

Thank you for shopping with us, we still have lots of lovely things.

No big wrap up sentences or thoughts here, just Tuesday morning.


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