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Paying for vacation

May 10-18 I will be doing my best to make a couple friend happy by house sitting for them in San Francisco. No cats, no chores. But it also means I will be away from the shop May 13-16. Classes will still be in session so that Janna has company, but orders and purchases will have to wait until May 20. I am dealing with the low level guilt by making new kits for Janna's Feather and Fan throws. This one is called Sunroom, it was inspired by a kit I put together yesterday for someone who brought a pillow sham as a color guide. These are not big afghans, just nice 40"x50" throws that double as wraps. Five of the new kits have a little more yardage in slightly heavier yarns, so find them under Feather and Fan Winter Weight knit kits. So, place your orders while I am off reading, writing, and painting, and I will get them out the first day I am back. Or, order by 3:00 tomorrow, May 9, and I will ship on my way home.

There, guilt alleviated.

By the way, one reason I love taking the orders to the downtown post office rather than have them picked up is the chance of hearing roosters crow. The downtown branch is the only one in the area that will ship poultry. It happens more often than you might guess, and it always makes me smile.

Happy knitting and stitching,


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