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That weekend when I was gone for a month

I had the pleasure of flying to Missouri to meet some of the story tellers in a group I belong to. Bolivar and Springfield, with cool, damp air, and green everywhere, were a far cry from home. Spending a few days with people I have not met, but know through their stories, made for a magical pocket of time that seemed much longer than a few days. Flights were easy, people were patient and kind. Lots of hugs and laughter, new stories. All in all it made for, if not a rejuvenating, at least a refreshing weekend. I returned to two boxes of cold weather knitting yarns in from Knitting Fever, and one of those buried treasures that came to the surface. Look for the new yarns and patterns next week. The Gyps Anny by Anny Blatt, in silver and black, is a wonderful metallic for knitting as well as twisted cords, crocheted trims, and tassels. Janna found it in her office. It is in perfect condition!

I'll peek in those two boxes of new yarns tomorrow. I remember that we ordered some beauties from Louisa Harding, the rest will be a surprise for all of us!


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