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Routine pleasures

Just some meandering thoughts as I find first gear, set out the tools I need for the day. Do you have a routine for knitting or needlepoint? Is there a favorite time of day, or a favorite day for that matter? At home I have projects in progress in different spots. This gives the appearance of lots being accomplished. It is more about which project is easy to grab as the last thing I do for the day, television close by, or the piece on the beautiful floor frame, where I have music and a view of the garden. There is no rush to complete anything, just the pleasure of sitting down to the meditation of stitching.

Between the trunk show and the yarn sale we have quite a bit going on here at work. The routine of laying out the crochet hook, tape measure, pens, etc., before opening the lap top brings enough order that lots can be accomplished. This really is a meandering group of sentences. I may have had something more pressing to say, but it has vaporized. So, on to the week!


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