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More on the bird canvas

I ignored just enough housework to complete the stitching on the little stand for the bird. Original plans were for creating a wood grain look, etc., but as the stand is not the focus I opted for simple padding using perle 5. The first round is vertical stitches the length of the pole, then horizontal long stitches on the cross piece. Then I worked horizontal stitches over the vertical and vertical stitches over the horizontal and came up with a nice padded effect. DMC Perle Coton 5 was chosen for it's polished look, and frankly, because I did not have to ply it. Lazy weekend work! I am closing in on the end of this piece, then it is on to the Indian Paradise Flycatcher. I saved that gorgeous tail for the last. How are your projects coming along? Share project posts on our Instagram, @jannas_needleart, we would love to see them!


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