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Maybe the time change, maybe spring fever

I have been working my way through the needlepoint fibers that were not yet on the site, or that needed better pics. Fussy task. Today I decided to attack the Waterlilies silk embroidery floss. We have 42 colorways, but 1-2 of most of them. So many photos, so many close shades, so much editing and adding text, so little gumption this afternoon. Janna must have read my mind, because as I began to ask if I could make a package deal, she interrupted and told me to just do whatever I want with them. So I popped the onto the site at 75% off the whole banana. Not something I would try to get away with very often! I hope they sell soon, I need the space for beads.

Okay, on with the day.

Happy stitching,


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