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Worth the effort

A few months ago I made up grab bags with partially used cards of Rainbow Galleries fibers given to us from a huge stash. Whether you are new to stitching and have not yet built a stash, or just love to have options on hand as you design and stitch, these are kind of nice to have around. It took some time and space to sort and package, and a little research to see if it was an idea that had been tested. Some of the grab bags I saw online were just big tangled messes, so in the spirit of Homer Simpson, "well I could do nothing, but I'm going to do you one better". These are quite tidy. And as of this morning, six of them have been purchased, so if you are interested, get to it! Looking for embroidery silk? There are sets of new hanks of Au Ver a Soie, that yummy stuff of my ambitious dreams.

Happy stitching,


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