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The treasure boxes are opening

Janna and I were talking about favorite fibers, abandoned projects, different stitches, cheese, you know, the things we talk about here, and she was inspired to open her treasure boxes. These are two that were opened today, one with nearly finished projects, and one with barely started projects. She would like to clear the box with the barely started projects first. The idea of selling these pieces has been on the table for a few years, as her declining vision has put an end to one of her favorite pastimes. Deciding to let go is not always easy, there is certainly no rush. But today is the day we begin. This apple tree is the first of the Treasure Chest projects to go up for sale. The name of the designer was lost to trimming for mounting on bars, but I can tell you that the gold outline stitches are in, as well as the dark brown areas on the trunk and branches. I pulled fibers and beads to complete the piece, and notes will be included for stitch ideas. Look for it under Janna's Treasure Boxes. If you have taken classes from Janna over the years you know how special it will be to share the stitching with her.

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