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Team Effort

We each bought a Maggi Knits kit at market, many years ago. I made mine up and wore it for a few years. Janna knitted all her pieces, started to assemble them, and handed the bag to me, saying that if I put it together, I could keep it. I attempted it a few times, each time pushing it back in the bag and hiding it from myself. A moving of furniture in my studio unearthed that poor thing that had all but given up. So I brought it to work last Monday, determined that we were going to see it through. Ta Da! Janna hinted that she may need to borrow it once in a while, and I think she should. Doesn't she look sharp?! I would love to say that was the only project lurking, but my nose is plenty long. We may just plow through another UFO, unfinished object, stay tuned!

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