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Small Achievements, Big Splash

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

I was straightening up the yarn bins when I came across this shop favorite, Splash by Lang. We do not have a ton left, but 2 skeins makes a nice scarf. Splash is 77% cotton, so it is comfortable to wear year round. We love how it looks like aggregate, with it's pebbly and smooth stripes. So here is your Small Achievement pattern - with #7 or #8 needles, cast on 41 stitches and work in Seed stitch. Every row is *K1, P1*, ending with K1. No need to knit a swatch, no curling edges, great texture, no rows to keep track of! Order yours today for free curbside pickup, or we can ship it to you. I'll even sweeten the deal with 25% off this yarn until February 20/while supplies last.

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