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Perfect Morning

Janna and the knitting students are on the patio, clicking away, mosquitoes held at bay with the finest of mists. By this afternoon it will be 96 degrees, and 105 degrees tomorrow, so I am sharing these photos of blossoms outside the door while they look fresh. Selfies after today will not be so fresh looking either!

I will be taking another week off soon, June 14-21, so orders will be filled on the 24th. If you are one of the regular students please do come and keep Janna company, come for an extra class if you like! I'll remind everyone sooner to the time.

Favorite call of late - someone relieved that a real person answered the phone. We had a fun conversation while i grabbed her yarn to ship.

Meandering thoughts this morning, I will sign off and find something productive to do, like put some things on sale. So, have a look at the site, give a call for reassurance that we are all really here, head indoors before the heat arrives.


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