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Of Whimsy and Grace

Wednesday morning delight, opening a special order from Whimsy and Grace. Artist Toni Randall always inspires with elegant, perfectly painted, timeless, designs. If you are not familiar with the oddly shaped piece featuring bees and vines, it is meant to become a brick cover. I have also seen them used as book ends, or finished simply as a box top. The geometric design on the ornament calls out for interesting stitches in metallics and Neon Rays, and the monogram is of course painted as you need.

We are not able to go to markets as we once were, but so happy to order for you. You know, in case you do not find the perfect piece on our site. Our vendors are back in full swing, with wait times cut down by quite a bit. These pieces arrived in one week! Call or email your special order, I just love unpacking those boxes!

Happy stitching,


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