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Geo Cache

Spelunking indicates I was in a cave when I found these, and that would be a stretch for the garage, so let's go with 'treasure found with a few clues'. Either way they are now on the site, on sale at that! The only clues you need to find them is Knitter's Pride Interchangeable Cords and Knitter's Pride Interchangeable Dreamz needles. They were in the basket next to the bags I needed to pack the five newest Super Quick Twisted Rib Hat kits. Or as my husband says when I am looking for something right in front of me "it's next to the snake bite kit". That pesky unfindable rattlesnake.

Okay, I have a knitted Christmas stocking to embellish. Janna knitted it a few years ago, so she asked me to complete it and sell it here. Should go up early next week.

Happy weekend,


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