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Background Check

Plain backgrounds can be nice but I often hear the words of an art teacher from long ago, "Nothing much just floats in space, place the image somewhere". While this can take some imagination and a little extra work, it can still better than a mile of plain white. Start simple, add a background color. If your design is Santa and reindeer make it a sparkly night sky. A Christmas tree can look more Victorian or dramatic with a deeply colored background. Florals often love sky blue or pale green. Sometimes I split up the image with a floor and wall, a corner, or in the case of this piece, an ivory chair rail over aqua wainscoting that will be topped with a damask wallpaper design. I skipped every other intersections between boards to achieve a beaded effect. This took some experimentation as a solid line was too much and leaving it bare made the ivory look like it didn't belong. I'll work on the wallpaper area tonight and share it here tomorrow. So, play! And if you are hesitant to dive in I would love to help. Email me and we can tackle it together.

I look forward to hearing from you,


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