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Yarn Shop Bouncer on Duty

Muffin is hoping for a busier day, or whatever it is she is thinking. It is sort of quiet around here, with students on vacation, people ducking the heat, etc. The usual pace of mid July. The white noise of fans and neighborhood pool equipment. There is a seam to add to a mohair jacket, but I cannot find the inner strength to handle that fluffy thing this morning. I am thinking of a project in bargello, using some of those beautiful colors we have in Patternayan Persian wool. Perhaps the pomegranate pattern, or classic flames...I guess I left my oomph at the neighborhood pub where I sat with my book last night, enjoying reading where there were no chores in view.

Here's to a burst or two of energy!


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I know what you mean. I also need a burst of energy. I haven't even started on my cap for winter. Too many things on the mind but nothing getting done. 😋 Just lazy summer day!

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