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Tuesday musings

Janna is in the next room, working on two new projects, a mitered square blanket and a gorgeous cardigan from a Lang book. She just took a sweater off the needles and handed it to me for seams, and I think there is another project lurking under her chair. So, you are not alone. We all have multiple projects to suit multiple moods. Isn't is nice to be seen? We love to provide you with all the yarn, threads, canvases, patterns, you need to satisfy your inner artist. This is the stuff of survival. This is the stuff of finding solace when it seems the summer heat will not end, the smoke fills the air, and the news overwhelms. Surround yourself with texture and color. Work on something that keeps your mind in the present. It helps.

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Cheryl Dunkle
Cheryl Dunkle
Aug 10, 2021

Norla ... perfectly said. You totally hit the nail on the head. Our lives, not just now during all the craziness, but each day, everyday, need to be lived intentionally and in the present. Staying present heals so much. We can't go back to the past and tomorrow isn't here yet, so....STAY PRESENT. Our relationship with our inner artist is what compels us to create.

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