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Saturated, Sumptuous, a Corvid Moment

I was walking past the book rack on the way to grab the laptop, and this beauty grabbed my eye. I have always loved this particular Claudia Wersing collection of designs for Noro. We no longer have the model yarn used - Silk Garden 4 Ply, but we do have the lovely Berroco Medina. Nothing like crow brain to throw a monkey wrench in the day's list of tasks. I checked the yardage, the skeins on hand, grabbed the camera, and here we are. I know I have talked about this already, but finding yarns to suit not only a pattern, but suit the person's wants and needs is just the best. We are adding Live Chat soon, so I can go through the yarn studio with you to look at yarn choices, without you having to leave your chair. In the meantime, we have enough of the green mix to make the small, and enough of the other two to make small, medium, large. Look for the Sakura kit to buy yours. We have lovely solids that will work as well. Blah, blah, blog...pick up those knitting needles!

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