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Polka Day day and notebooks

There must have been a polka dot memo out this morning, we had a good chuckle when I walked in this morning. Polka dots can seem optimistic and cheery, perfect for the heat wave we find ourselves in!

The little notebooks are some I made for an event in June, so I am offering the last of them here. If there is a good response I'll make more! I love the size for project bags, even if they do not have knitting or needlework themes. I paint and sell hand painted greeting cards, but have yet to create images of knitting or needlepoint that I like. I guess I cannot mix these two parts of my life this way. So odd. At any rate, I am going to add some of the sets of cards to the site. I love old school correspondence, both in the sending and receiving. Have a look for Kitch Cards starting this afternoon.

Happy stitching or knitting!


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