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Pale skies and new growth

Poking around for today's Instagram/Facebook yarns, I came across these two colors that look like the day we are having. Cold, a little cloudy, and new growth popping up all over the garden. Every year I think it is too early for daffodils, and every year I read in my notes for the previous year that the blossoms are right on time. Winter in California does not last long enough for knitters, unless you are knitting for babies. It is always baby season. Grey and white are still the most popular colors we sell for baby blankets, and there is more in stock this week in Cascade's Pacific and Pacific Chunky. But sometimes you just need to use a sweet color. And now I think we need a sale on baby yarns. I'll go twist Janna's arm. Check the site tomorrow, I'll bet there will be a sale!

Happy knitting,


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