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Fingerless gloves - perfect for cold days when you need your fingers free to drive, text, knit in a chilly cottage. I am admittedly greedy with my knits, four pair, so far, to go with just about every outfit. I like to knit them when I feel like accomplishing something without making a huge time commitment. That feeling hit this morning, so I perused the Cascade Yarn site for a new pattern. This pattern is great looking, has the details I love, and we have the yarn in stock! You can use other DK weight yarns as well, including Cassia, Alden, Zara Kid, Felted Tweed, Quechua. You don't need much, about 135 yards. I think my next pair will be the knit from something yellow. Order a skein, download the pattern, knit up a pair,

we can have show and tell! Also, get me adding a link and a pic at the same time!

Happy knitting!


Download PDF • 1.30MB

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