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The knitting was completed, and because my attention span gave out before the yarn supply did, there was enough left to make a trim. Macramé has been on my mind, so I decided to do a little here. Knotted fringe suits the YO, P2tog, and if you cut long enough strands, you can make rows and rows of knots. There are 4 rows here, with another five inches or so of yarn left to drape. Blah, blah, blah. I think the funky air quality is getting to me! But in case you are interested in making one like this, three balls of Stromboli or Marlene, #9 needles, 45 stitches, and save about 40 yards for the trim. Set aside more yardage for trim if you want a more dense fringe. Every row is Knit 1, *yarn over, purl 2 together*. any yarn/needle size will do. Play with the gauge, number of stitches to achieve the width you want. And most of all, remember to use an odd number of stitches, and take your time, it is not fun to fix a dropped stitch with this pattern!

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