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Keep that black turtleneck in the mix

My cold weather uniform starts with a black turtleneck sweater, and I will wear that thing until it is falling apart. As a consequence, a happy consequence, I add new knitted cowl and scarves every year or so to keep the old thing looking new. I found this great piece on the Cascade site, and it will work with one skein of Metal Tweed. I think it can be made in time for holiday parties, walks in the cold, sprucing up your winter uniform while it is still chilly, or, what the heck, as a gift.

I have been knitting more this year than last, with a slightly more cooperative shoulder. I missed it more than I realized. There is a meditative quality to knitting and needlepoint that sweeps the world away while you are engaged. Color and texture can go a long way in smoothing things out. Even if mistakes are made, these are the mistakes we can afford to make. Need a simpler project? Knit a 7"x24" rectangle, sew a simple seam, add buttons or not, and you have a cowl to keep or give away. Remember the formula - number of inches needed x number of stitches per inch = number to cast on, i.e. 7" x 5 stitches per inch=35 stitches.

Happy knitting!


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