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Good news, if not very late

I was running inventories on needlepoint fibers because I don always remember to deduct in store sales from the site. That isn't the good news. Well, it is in an embarassing way. I went through Glisten, Fuzzy Stuff and Flair. Found out 1/3 of the Flair numbers were not up yet. Fixed that, then decided to count the Very Velvet. It was not yet on the site. Good news, it is now! Both Very Velvet and Petite Very Velvet are there. I had kept some of our regular in store sellers off the site in the beginning as it seemed overwhelming to keep up the inventories on the site. Now it is old hat, so I will be adding Splendor, Silk Lame, and Kreinik braids.

Okay, back to my clipboard!


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